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     We offer professional testing at our office and a wide selection of tests that may be administered in your home by the homeschool parent or by another qualified person. We ship materials promptly (usually within 1 day) and return most score reports within 4 days. We also offer 24 hour grading and emailed "pdf" reports. All of our tests are nationally standardized with the latest norms available. We only offer tests that meet our high standards! Schedule or order today.




Replaces the outdated CAT/5 Latest Edition Available to Private Schools! More complete than the CAT "Survey Edition". Does not require a Bachelor's Degree!

Terra Nova® Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) Plus Edition (grades K-12) $50  

Finally, the publisher of the CAT/5, with its 1991 Norms , has released this new test that will compare your student to his/her peers instead of his/her parents! This test was last normed in 2005. The parent can test the student at home and NO BACHELOR'S DEGREE IS REQUIRED! The cost includes free priority mail shipping and tests the following areas:

Testing Schedule

All test materials must be returned undamaged, within 3 weeks after your testing date, unless permission is otherwise obtained. Damaged or lost materials will incur additional charges. Your report will yield standard scores, national percentile rankings, grade equivalency, and performance levels. Your report will also identify specific areas of strength or weakness. You can expect your scores in 1-3 weeks.  

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